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Our Services

We work with all Renewable Energy Technologies- Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, as well as Energy Efficiency Technologies. We also offer specialized technical services for solar and wind energy systems. Our Solar and Wind consultants are experts with several years of industry experience.

In each of our service areas, we strive to deliver the best in class services addressing all challenges related to Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind & Hybrid).

For solar energy, we deliver the best technical solutions optimized over several configurations for the lowest cost and highest efficiency. We offer end to end solar consulting services from site identification, feasibility assessments, vendor contracting, project management, technical due diligence and asset management services including optimization of plant operations and periodic performance audits. Our work spans all sizes of solar projects from large solar parks to small rooftop installations across different terrains and over various surfaces. 


In wind energy, we have led the industry for several years, having developed several first of their kind initiatives including country level resource assessment programs, off-shore program designs, wind resource assessments, project management and quality assurance services, lender’s engineering services, technical due diligence services and asset management services. We have a number of operating wind assets under advisory for which we act as owner's representatives to ensure optimal plant operation and maintenance.

We are among the first approved Green Bond Verifiers in India. We have successfully verified a number of green bond issuances for leading IPPs and financial Institutions. We conduct rigorous Environment Safety and Governance (ESG) checks using global standards and practices. We have developed and helped launch a number of financial instruments for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

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